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PAX Assist has designed, developed, and deployed a SITA AirportConnect CUTE application behind EVERY check in counter, interline area and GATE areas in T4 and is available to all of our customers.

Our SITA application allows Airline Agents to make:

– ARR Wheelchair Requests

– DEP Wheelchair Requests

– View Recent Requests

– Boarding Passengers

All service requests are immediately submitted to our database and viewable on all of our applications. This allows for an immediate response while providing a detailed level of request tracking and auditing

PAX Assist’s SITA AirportConnect CUTE application tracks when a request is initially submitted. For departing passengers, our handheld scanners and tablets track as each passenger is Picked Up, In Transit, and ultimately brought to their respective gates. For arriving and Terminal-to-Terminal passengers, data that is captured includes gate time, block time, and gate cleared time. Because all data is time stamped, PAX Assist is able to monitor service levels and manpower usage. Additionally, all of this data is made readily available via the administrative portal.

PAX Assist is currently located at the JFK Airport terminal 4. You can also reach us by email anytime at

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