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Culture and Philosophy

Organizational Culture

PAXAssist has set the following guidelines to maintain our mission of quality service at a competitive cost.

Customer Service

Our employees stand out from the competition by being more focused on customer interaction. This has been proven to be a winning philosophy, as we realize that small actions have a big impact.

Open Communication

Constant and open communication with both our clients and our workforce helps create an atmosphere of constant improvement. Our managers are encouraged to see that all service issues are addressed promptly.


Strong relationships allow our team to be more responsive, accurate and cost effective. Our managers are empowered to build strong relationships with the client based on courteous service, attention to detail and responsiveness. Our workforce is encouraged to interact on a more personal level with each of the customers served.


It is our goal to be a service "partner" to our clients, not just a service "provider." PAX Assist does not simply provide personnel; we become involved in our client's service program and provide management support, recommendations, remedial action, and other value-added services.

PAX Assist’s philosophy in developing and deploying the capabilities of our personnel in a service model centered on learning not training. Training is a mechanical activity that fails to assess the results associated with it; learning is a dynamic process where information and skills are delivered to our people in a manner that maximizes the retention and application of this information and skills to real, on-the-job situations.

Anyone can attend training, but how much the student has learned and can apply without error is the value-add associated with a learning-centered organization.

Why PAX Assist?

What set us apart from our competitors, is our constant search in finding innovative ways to improve our services by using technology. Our services are tailored and customized to the need of the client. Our staff is extensively trained in all aspects of the service. Most important, is our technology cannot be matched by our competitors, as it was tailored to specifically service the airline industry. We have taken the knowledge for planning and forecasting in the flight department and applied it to the wheelchair services. Our system is tied in to our Human Resources system enables to better track and plan and efficiently use our manpower.

By Choosing PaxAssist, you've chosen:

  1. Industry Leaders in our respective aviation markets
  2. Recognized for Quality of Service for terminals, airlines and passengers
  3. Technology innovators in all aspects of management and operations
  4. Rigorous recruiting, hiring, training, and retention programs
  5. “ZERO” DOT fines

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