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Our Baggage Delivery Service

Join the growing number of airlines that have chosen Global

Satisfied airlines using PAX's services include Aeroflot, Cayman Airways, Copa Airlines, LAN, Singapore Airlines, TACA, TAM Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. Pieter Nel, Airport Manager for Virgin Atlantic at JFK, says, "PAX's web-based technology greatly speeds up the delivery process. PAX has exceeded our expectations for seamless baggage delivery!"

See for yourself!

We'll arrange for a live demonstration of PAX's automated baggage delivery system in your offices, at your convenience. I'm confident that once you see how much time, money and effort you'll save, you'll switch to PAX for all you baggage delivery needs.

First-class service at an economy rate

by automating the entire baggage delivery process and providing online access to everything from pricing and bar coding to billing and tracking, PAX has revolutionized the process, making it fast, accurate and amazingly cost-effective. When you choose PAX, you'll know the exact location of every bag, every step of the way—from the moment PAX picks it up at your terminal, all the way to the passenger's door, with:

  • Daily delivery from 0800-2400
  • Real-time, online GPS tracking
  • Bar-coded BDOs
  • Standardized pricing
  • Automated billing
  • An online quote calculator
  • Electronic signature as proof of delivery
  • 24/7 access to all stats
  • Courteous, uniformed drivers
  • A Global-owned fleet of vehicles
PAX's new system is guaranteed to reduce your costs, paperwork and headaches—and increase your passengers' satisfaction.